Gambel Oaks
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Gambel Oaks Tree Care

The Ponderosa and Conifer pine trees throughout our community make Gambel Oaks a very special place.  It is important that homeowners do what they can to maintain the health of the trees on their property.  In addition, homeowners must obtain HOA board approval before removing any live trees from their property.

Here a some helpful steps:

1. Make sure your trees are getting enough water

2.  Remove dead trees or infested trees.  If a tree(s) is dead ,or is infested with or has been killed by Pine Beetle, you must remove them.  They must be completely removed from the neighborhood or mulched.  Dead trees that are cut down and left can still infect other nearby trees.  The HOA reserves the right to remove dead trees if homeowners fail to do so. 

4.  See the Tree Care document located in the Documents/Forms section of this website.  It has great information on Pine Beetles and how to protect your trees.




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